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digital therapy machine



The figures veins and arteries cures the instrument according to the physics, bionics, the living creature science of electricity, Chinese medicine learn and many  year clinic practice but research to manufacture the new generation of develop  health care exquisite article.It not only own six imitate the true function greatly, let you really realize to puncture, push to take, massage, pound the shot, fire bottle and pare off the wonderful felling of the sha , but also have special effect of cure the high blood pressure


Function characteristics:


 1, application figures technique.


 2, have the big screen LCD, include the strength, function, mode and cure time, the Chinese-English manifestation system, human body veins and arteries acupuncture points diagram etc..


 3, use the infrared electrode to stick the slice, overlay the area larger.


4, a form combination, let you slice the entity will arrive to push to take, pound the shot, massage, fire bottle, puncture, pare off the sha of true felling


5, the LCD veins and arteries diagram guides the treatment.

Technique parameter:


Product size:153*70*18mm

Product net weight:90g

A size:24.5*9.5*5cm

Battery:3* AAA(4.5 vs)