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tyvek wallet

we produced more than 18 designs tyvek material wallet before,including airmail,comic ,newspaper style wallet....

customized printing and shape is workable for producing.

This wallet is made from one sheet of high tech tyvek. Tyvek looks like paper but it is actually made of thousands of long plastic fibers that interlock in random patterns creating a surface that is virtually indestructible yet thin, lightweight and is actually lighter than water.

Tear and Water resistant

Since stitching is always the first thing that rips in any wallet Terrence Kelleman designed this wallet without stitches from one single sheet. Tyvek is also water resistant which protects against the humidity in your pocket which softens and destroys most leather wallets.

The wallet starts very thin but will expand as you fill it. It is designed to grow with use but not stretch or tear. As the tyvek wears in it will get soft and patina but not break.